jQuery Visualize charts and graphs plugin for WordPress

This plugin gives you an easy way to use the Visualize jQuery plugin into WordPress.

It will build bar charts, line charts, area charts and pie charts using the data of tables you include into your posts. Check some sample pie charts and bar charts.

Download the plugin here


  1. Upload the whole jqVisualize directory into your WordPress plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin on your WordPress plugins page
  3. Edit any post or page to include a table with data on it.
  4. Add a “class” attribute to your <table> html tag, use the following classes:
  • For the plugin to build a bar chart use class=”v-bar”
  • For the plugin to build a pie chart use class=”v-pie”
  • For the plugin to build an area chart use class=”v-area”
  • For the plugin to build a line chart use class=”v-line”

License: This software is licensed under the GPL license, the jqVisualize package includes the Visualize jQuery plugin which is licensed under the MIT license.

To be done:

  • Support for different css styles.
  • Support to change charts width and height.

Help us:

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