Japanese persimmon nutrition facts compared to american persimmon

This is a sample fruit comparison report built with Fruit Nutrients Comparer.


Energy for 100g
Persimmons,japanese 70kcal
Persimmons,native 127kcal


Nutrients for 100g
Water Protein Total lipid (fat) Ash Carbohydrate
Persimmons,japanese 80.32g 0.58g 0.19g 0.33g 18.59g
Persimmons,native 64.40g 0.80g 0.40g 0.90g 33.50g


Carbohydrate for 100g
Total sugars Total dietary fiber
Persimmons,japanese 12.53g 3.6g
Persimmons,native 0.002g 0.002g


Minerals for 100g
Calcium Sodium Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium
Persimmons,japanese 8mg 1mg 9mg 17mg 161mg
Persimmons,native 27mg 1mg 0.002mg 26mg 310mg

More Minerals

Minerals for 100g
Zinc Iron Copper Manganese Selenium
Persimmons,japanese 0.11mg 0.15mg 0.113mg 0.355mg 0.6mg
Persimmons,native 0.002mg 2.50mg 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg

Group B Vitamins

Group B Vitamins for 100g
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B3 Vitamin B5 Vitamin B6 Folic acid
japanese 0.030mg 0.020mg 0.100mg 0.002mg 0.100mg 8mg
native 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg

Vitamin A

Vitamin A for 100g
Vitamin A
Persimmons,japanese 1627IU
Persimmons,native 0.002IU

Vitamin C

Vitamin C for 100g
Vitamin C
Persimmons,japanese 7.5mg
Persimmons,native 66.0mg

Other Vitamins

Other Vitamins for 100g
Vitamin E Vitamin K Carotenoids
Persimmons,japanese 0.73mg 2.6mg 2693mg
Persimmons,native 0.002mg 0.002mg 0.002mg

Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids for 100g
Saturated fatty acids Monounsaturated fatty acids Polyunsaturated fatty acids
Persimmons,japanese 0.020g 0.037g 0.043g
Persimmons,native 0.002g 0.002g 0.002g